It’s 2014 and we’re still on the place for a new year of hack and fun!

During the three days of HES, research conferences, solutions presentations, panels, debates, AND PARTIES will aim to share, mix, and determine the future of IT security & hacking.

–[ Content of the Research Track:

We are expecting submissions in English only.
The format will be 45 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A.

We are also allocating slots for lightning talks (15 min) at the end
of the day.

Please note that talks whose content will be judged too
commercial or biased toward a given vendor will be rejected.

We will also consider new and first time presenters, so that
anyone can get his/her foot in the door. Don’t be shy, just say
“It’s one of my first conf submission”, and we’ll be kind.

For the research track, preference will be given to offensive,
innovative, and highly technical proposals.

As a suggestion, we would love to see things about:

  • SIPRnet, NIPRnet & other defense networks funny stories
  • LTE radio and signaling abuses and/or real life hacks
  • 4G, Diameter & GRX/IPX hacks
  • Exploit style stylography
  • CTF Antiforensics: Detection of Intelligence gathering CTFs
  • Government filternets (formerly known as Internet, R.I.P)
  • x86/64 & Non-x86 exploitation
  • New methods to detect software bugs (source or binary based)
  • Funky Kernel land exploits
  • Offensive forensics
  • Current kernel buffer overflows exploit techniques for your grandmother
  • SAT solving your ROP gadgeting and chaining
  • IOS vuln research & vulndev
  • Identifying tainted 0-day sploits for government-sponsored grey market tracing
  • Mobile Botnets and Overlay networks-based C&C
  • IPv6 & “Carrier Grade NATs” advances
  • M2M Machine Type Communication
  • Sound hacking: binaural, brown, …
  • UEFI malware writing
  • Android, RIM, Bada, IOS Mobile applications & OS hacks
  • TPM and Secure Boot kitting & knifing
  • FPGA backdoors
  • Automated Hardware reverse engineering
  • Hardware security & lockpicking in 2014
  • Stun the community !

We will also have a Zero Day Show, as last year, at the end of
the conference so that people can share (love/kindness) or show
(salivate/envy) their new babies to the world. Prepare! Zombie
Exploitocalyps incoming 🙂

We highly encourage any other presentation topic, especially the
one we may not even imagine.

If you want to share skills on a specific subject during a
workshop, feel free to contact us.

–[ Submissions:

[*] Requested information:

Submissions must contain the following information:

  • Speakers name or alias
  • Presentation Title
  • Description
  • Needs: Internet? Others?
  • Demo (Y/N)
  • Company (name) or Independent? (optional)
  • Address (optional)
  • Phone (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Biography (optional)

We highly encourage and will favor presentations with demos.

Specify if submission contains any of the following information:

  • Tool
  • Slides
  • Whitepaper

[*] How to submit:

Submit your presentation and materials by sending an email to:


  1. Presentation Title
  2. Presenter(s) Name
  3. Description
  4. Needs
  5. Biography
  6. Demo
  7. Timeline

[*] Until when ?

You can submit your paper until 31th March 2014.