HSF2014 – CFP

It’s been a while since the last Hacker Space Fest in Paris. Now we want to make it again, and we have the opportunity of organizing a HSF in a great space, next to the child of HSF2009 which is Hackito Ergo Sum conference.

Do we all take advantage of this to make a new HSF this year? To us, it felt quite natural to make a new HSF in Paris at the same time.

HSF will contain as usual the emerging new domains and research:

  • Bio-activism, greenlib & open seed banks
  • Privacy enhacing for everyone
  • Hackerspaces, hackerislands and hackerlands
  • Transformative Art
  • Contemporary Medidation & other brain hacks
  • Short loops, micro-recycling and local 3D-manufacturing
  • Network, computing, embedded, and bio Hacking
  • Education hacks and shortcuts away from the neo-prussian model
  • Nerds & social science
  • OppressiveLegal vs. LibertyLegal hacks
  • Technology & Society enablers
  • How to liberate from Nazidministration?
  • Quantum computers DIY
  • Cryptocurrencies local actions and global effects
  • Community-driven societal change
  • Mobility-Civility mix

During this HSF, there will be speeches, workshops, activity tables and hackerspace tables.

And of course, all participation to HSF2014 is free, both for participants and for hackerspaces coming.

If your interested to participe contact us at hes2014-orga_AT_lists.hackitoergosum.org .